High quality SMS marketing and SMS text messages from the web

> SMS Marketing
Use of mobile marketing tools. Juice up your direct and effective promotion campaign for your customers via SMS.
> SMS from Internet
Send multiple SMS via web, right from your PC to all your contacts. You can even schedule sending of SMS over time.
> Advertising SMS
Read some SMS advertising and discover how to sell via an SMS marketing campaign. See how you create a promotion and you gain with new sales.
SMS Gateway: http2sms
The HTTP gateway allows to send SMS messages via Black6sms simple call POST / GET to our system. If you own or carry out a management software of any kind, you can easily integrate SMS sending cheap and high quality.
SMS Gateway: mail2sms
With the Mail2SMS you can send your SMS with a simple e-mail. The SMS will arrive to your contacts as if they had been sent from your phone. It 'a great tool to use from the PC, as well as a way to add text messages to your management software.

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